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Five-line Draw The history of Do Forni restaurant hails back to the most characteristic and ancient traditions of the city. During the golden years of the Venetian Republic the bakery producing bread and sweets for the nearby convent of San Zaccaria the Doge's Palace was located here, in fact, and a small part was used as a typical Venetian tavern with cicchetti appetizers.

10 amazing things you probably didn't know about Venice

Featured in many books and movie such as the Merchant of Venice with Al Pacino the ghetto is rich of culture and food traditions.. The English word ghetto actually originates here. Yes, it is a Venetian term that is now used all over the world. There are only new licenses given yearly , and there are about gondoliers in total. In the city where canals are the streets, all the activities that everywhere else require a car, here are performed by boats. The activities of daily life and relevant moments are intrinsically connected to the sea.

When people in Venice get married, they make a ride on the Canal Grande, and guests follow them in boats, too. Moving in and out of a house or better: a palace , transporting furniture — it all has to be done by boats. Transporting stock to shops, restaurants and bars is performed the same way. Police patrols the city from the boats. The only public transport in the city are water trams — vaporetto. If somebody gets sick, an ambulance boat arrives, rushing through the canals, and takes patients to the hospital by the water. And so life goes on navigating around the canals , until the end.

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When a Venetian dies, the coffin is transported by a funerary boat to the cemetery. And the cemetery, like everything in Venice, lies on an island — Isola di San Michele. To let Venetians stay forever close to the water. Read other curiosities about Venice here — discover the fascinating story of the Carnival, the macabre history of the Venetian masks and their hidden meanings.

In this city full of secrets and wonders, there are much more curiosities. Do you know some fascinating facts about Venice? Would you like to share some Venetian story?

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Secret hidden gardens Hidden gardens in Venice — Google Maps Strolling through Venice, you keep on seeing canals, bridges and narrow streets, but almost no green areas whatsoever. Gondolas get stuck in traffic jams Traffic jam! Parking for gondolas Parking lot for gondolas Gondolas have their parking lots just like cars.

Well, you need an annual license for that, but occasionally you may see a gondolier standing in his gondola with a fishing rod ; 8. Acqua alta can be really high Acqua alta makes Venice sink back to the sea The Acqua alta is a curious phenomenon that occurs in Venice about a hundred times at the end of the year, especially between the months of November and December.

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The tides of Venice The Venetian Lagoon is exposed to sea tides twice a day Venice is exposed to the sea tides twice a day. The most narrow street Caletta Varisco — the most narrow street of Venice Obviously, one of the classic curiosities about Venice is the fact that the real streets of the city were the canals, and other passages and lanes were only additional. Profession that exists only in Venice It takes quite some skills to be a gondolier The uniqueness of Venice is such that certain professions have only existed here and nowhere else in the world.

Life and death in Venice. View this post on Instagram.

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