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Complete Published: Nov 27th, Download. Save Chapter Order. Comments Viewing 1 - 50 of Dude, I hope Starlight is the mom. Time traveling and Star in their names. Dude pls. Wait hold up, how does this have 0 views? The Fan Without a Face. So wait Trixie and Starswirl are actually related in this. I thought they were punking Twilight. Lord Dark.

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Axle the Red Exorcist. Crazy the Clone. Sound Wave. Anon E Moose. Just wait till Trixie tells her dad about her daughter, Ember. Doctor Axiom. I assumed star swirl traveled alone to the future when he visited. Story 1: Twilight is hanging out with friends and being a good host for Ember.

Trixie and the hidden secrets

Her friends, Ember included, treat with total seriousness a ridiculous idea but one that has just enough credence to give Twilight doubts. Twilight flips out once her bubble of assumed knowledge on the subject is burst and goes to do research. Story 2: Twilight is giving a presentation she has spent a seemingly inordinate amount of time on and is very proud of. I can't be for sure, but if the presentation is a continuation of the last story and she still doesn't know her friends were joking, then it turns that prank mean spirited now since she is embarrassing herself in front of people she respects and admires on top of doing all that work Princess Celestia and Starswirl are confused I don't know if this was part of their "prank" or if they were actually confused to which Twilight takes as disappointment directed at her.

Trixie interrupts and not only surprises Twilight with being Starswirls daughter, but then proceeds to argue with Starswirl. Twilight is put in an awkard situation trying to support Trixie and not insult Starswirl during their family dispute. Trixie drops another bombshell by announcing her relationship with Luna don't know if this was part of the "prank" or not Twilight freaks out after having all she can handle and teleports away, fully convinced she failed and disappointed both Celestia and Starswirl and has plans to work even harder to fix her presentation despite not having any actual criticism regarding it except imagined slights.

It is discovered that Trixie being the daughter of Starswirl and in a relationship with Luna was not the "prank", but rather a fake argument with her dad This one is much more mean spirited. Just take the aftermath of each as an example. IDK, just lacked the spirit of the first. River Road.


Chirping followed. Should be "[Your] mother". Wait wait wait wait When did Luna come in the room? Only thing that bothered me. Thank you for this enjoyable reading. Noctis Prism. Stats Page generated in 0. Totally different in each part.

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Winters subsequently began taking De Niro around with her to parties and introducing him to her friends, and she arranged for him to be an observer at the Actors Studio. We would go at each other, have knockdown fights—kitchen-sink-drama-style. It was like going into a costume room backstage of a theater.

He had every conceivable kind of getup imaginable—and the hats! Derbies, straw hats, caps, homburgs. He was totally focused on his work. Force of will. Kirkland would talk to De Niro for hours about her hopes and dreams, and still does. Hold something back. Be mysterious. De Niro holds back. He is a deeply private person who rarely shows emotion.

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Shelley Winters recalls once when he did. He walked into my bedroom and pounded the headboard with his fist. He could be equally intense when he wanted a part. During the mid-sixties he auditioned for Brian De Palma, then a struggling young film director. Then he asked if he could do something else for me, and I said sure.

He went outside to prepare; he took a long, long time. Then he burst into the room and performed the rabble-rousing monologue from Waiting for Lefty. He was absolutely sensational. In the latter two he played a young voyeur who becomes a demoralized Vietnam vet and falls into pornography and urban warfare. His salary for each film was fifty dollars. He and De Palma became friends. We were always looking for projects to do.

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But if anybody could do it, it would be Bobby. Oddly enough, the roles he was starting to play Off Broadway were nonstop talkers.

De Niro was supposed to chop a board in half in the play, so he studied karate until he could perform the feat nightly. Earlier, Winters had got him cast in the movie Bloody Mama , about the legendary criminal Ma Barker and her four psychopathic sons, who terrorized the South during the s. De Niro was Lloyd Barker, a sadistic, morphine-addicted killer who eventually dies of an overdose. Get into character. He is a wizard, though.

He can blush or turn white like that! But he broke out in sores. Just to look like an addict. Oh, and he almost got us killed.