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Rudy seemed happier, more adaptable and better socialized than any of our previous pups due to the training month. Everyone meeting our precious pup is blown away at our pups obedience and control. Thank You. Rob and Ann Weller, Indiana. Here they are! We are just sending an update. Lulu is now six and Ferris is 3. We love them to infinity and beyond They are such sweet, well behaved dogs, loved by our family and everyone who meets them. Just thought you would want to see how they are doing. Indy has stole our hearts! The boys want to name him Blaze, so Blaze Indy it is!!

His crate was dry when we finally got him at They would not unload the plane due to lightning. He was calm and tail was wagging! He slept like a champ in his crate in our room and no accidents in the crate or inside. Thank you for this little guy, he has found a forever home. Hi Kari!

Thought you would enjoy seeing how "Sunflower" we call her Lala is doing. She has brought so much joy into our lives and really has a girly personality just like mine :. I can't wait until we have more space so we can get another doodle!

We even made her own Instagram account. You can follow her at lalawalabear. We just celebrated his 7th birthday, and it's hard to believe we ever existed as a "family" without him. He is the best, most well rounded, loveable dog I have ever known. He is such a huge part of our lives. He goes everywhere with us, makes everyone's day brighter, and sleeps with my daughter every night.

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He has been a wonderful since the day we got him and has been a pleasure to train and hang out with. He spent two weeks at an overnight camp in New Hampshire with us last summer, and when we left there were hundreds of kids who needed to hug and kiss him goodbye. I thought it was time to send you a note and tell you that whatever magic you are working into your breeding, keep up the good work! We cannot thank you enough for being the "cupid" that gave us this absolutely perfect dog.

I am enclosing some pictures so you can see that he also turned out to be quite handsome! Thanks so much for all that you do! Love and Gratitude, The Schwartzs' Ohio. Our darling puppy Dude is now over a year old.

He is cute and cuddly as ever, and we love him to pieces! I just wanted to let you know that Lincoln Jon Jon is doing great and he's the best dog in the world. Thank you again for allowing us to be part of your family. I have to keep my daughter off your website as she wants Lincoln to have a sister.

I hope all is well. I can never thank you enough for the gift you have given to us! We love this boy so much! We count you among our blessings this year! Best, Andrea. I'm not sure what we did before we got her, cause all we do now is play with her. We made it home to some really happy kiddos! I have attached some pictures! She did wonderful last night.

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She slept in her cage all night No accidents in the house yet :. She is so cuddly and loving. I think she is a perfect fit for our family! Sydney has grown to be a wonderful sweet companion and I love her to pieces. She is a little spoiled but she is the only child. In the first picture she stole a sock. She is now 8 years old. Do you believe how time flies. She is a certified Pet Therapy dog through St.

She continues to be a favorite with the patients, their families, and the staff. Rylee has learned to adjust her temperament and behavior to coincide with the person she is visiting. If someone greets her in a playful way, then she is very playful.

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We are very proud of how Rylee has taken to pet therapy. She is the perfect dog for the job! Warmest regards, Jill and Rylee. This is the red dog we got from you a year or two ago. She is doing really well as you can tell. Well Shogun is twenty weeks old now. Here he is at the sit position. Training is going well. He does well in the down command but is still a bit stubborn. I also have been training him to stay in a particular spot until released and he is doing very well with that. He is the baby of the family and everyone really loves him.

Everyone that sees him thinks he is adorable. Just keeping you posted.. Take care. We are so deeply in love with this dog!! It's hard to remember life before we had her. She adjusted very nicely to her new home. She and our cat were getting along and the cat was very interested in her, dare I say he really enjoyed her. Two weeks after we got Rylee the cat took ill and had to be put down.

Our family was incredibly sad, and I think Rylee understood that something bad happened. Having Rylee in our lives and home cushioned the blow for all of us and she helped us heal. As they say, timing is everything and she is just what we needed.

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We've had Rylee for two months now, and in that time she has learned so much. Without jinxing myself, I'll say that she house trained within a few weeks. Sure, she thought the rug was a great place to pee and poop when she first got here, but she quickly learned that outside was even better.

Alyssa trained her to use the poochie bells in just a few days and now she rings them when she has to go out. We even put a second set of bells in our family room and she learned to use them if we are all sitting in there. She graduated from Puppy Kindergarten this week and begins basic training next week. She has learned to sit, down, down stay, high five, shake hands, spin, roll over, fetch, come, and is working off leash to heel, stay, and come when called. She learns so fast and is really fun to train and play with. I've been taking here with me everywhere and she melts hearts wherever she goes.

She loves the car, kids, adults, other dogs, even the vet and groomer. People can't get enough of her! We are working with her to not jump up on people when someone comes to pet her. As hard as it is for her to not jump, she really works hard to sit first before petting.


I really believe that she will make a perfect therapy dog and I also think she can be scent trained to detect low blood sugar. Once basic training is complete, I plan to start with scent training. A friend emailed me last night asking to meet Rylee. They are thinking of getting a dog so I sent her the link to your website. After looking at all your babies, it's hard not to get another one!! Thank you for selecting Rylee for our family.