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They painted and varnished and added wrought iron fencing.

In they added the pillars and wrought iron fencing that surround the merry-go-round today. They reconditioned the old band organ to restore its hearty sound. The merry-go-round has been a popular location for movies, TV and commercial filming. The years have not been kind to the merry-go-round.

How To Determine Ring Size Without Her Knowing

It was looking faded and forlorn until Jeff Brown, a teacher and merry-go-round aficionado, stepped in to help. Jeff registered as an official park volunteer and with the blessing of the Office of Historic Resources has been painting the structure around the merry-go-round. The wrought iron fencing now has a fresh coat of black paint. The finials shine with a coat of gold leaf. Thank you, Jeff! Today children and adults alike are still drawn to the enticing sounds of the merry-go-round. Alas, inflation has hit here too. The ticket that used to cost a nickel jumped to a quarter in ; by the s it was 50 cents.

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Kathryn Louyse. August 27, 0. August 10, 0. Engagement rings in the s were "trying to evolve" from the Art Deco period, according to WP Diamonds' infographic. Single diamonds were often used as the centerpiece on bands shaped like ribbons or bows. Round stones rose in popularity in the '40s thanks to De Beers' famous "Diamonds Are Forever" commercial. Jackie Kennedy's engagement ring from John F. Kennedy, which featured emeralds in addition to diamonds, also made colored gemstones a popular choice for couples.

However, emerald-cut styles are still quite popular today, and are even worn by some celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, who announced her engagement to Alex Rodriguez in March Round-cut diamonds and yellow-gold bands were still extremely popular in the '80s, but Princess Diana's engagement ring from Prince Charles, which featured a sapphire gemstone, changed the nuptials industry.

The royal ring was so popular that many replicas were made, according to WP Diamonds' infographic. Read more: Meghan Markle wore one of Princess Diana's rings to the royal wedding reception and people are here for it.

With the rise of grunge in the s, rings became bolder and sharper. Marquise-cut diamonds were particularly fashionable, and yellow-gold bands took a backseat to bands made of white gold and platinum. Many couples in the s opted for engagement rings with large diamonds or stones. Taking inspiration from the '60s, the princess cut also came back into fashion.

Skinny bands and large oval diamonds are in style, according to WP Diamonds. Usually set vertically — or, on occasion, horizontally — oval diamonds let couples play around with the appearance of their engagement rings.

Here’s exactly how to pick a wedding band that complements the engagement ring.

Celebrities like Julianne Hough and, more recently, Hailey Baldwin , are also fans of oval engagement rings. Another huge trend in is having a custom-designed ring, as brides aim to better showcase their individual personalities. Speaking to INSIDER, the president of WP Diamonds, Andrew Brown, said the most popular engagement ring style in the last years is actually pretty simple: A "round solitaire diamond, around one carat, set on a simple yellow-gold band.

According to Brown, there will always be innovation in the diamond industry but trends often "revert to the classics.

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So, what will come next? Brown thinks that round diamonds will "remain the most popular shape" while oval and cushion cuts will "continue in their rise. Unfortunately for those who love colorful stones, Brown said that we can also expect to see a "decline in production of colored diamonds due to supply constraints.

Types of Wedding Bands

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