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To this ongoing conversation, Andrews and Smith add the voices of pastors of black congregations and para-church leaders who serve the communities of faith who daily confront the challenges this work addresses--youth and intergenerational divides, education and poverty, gender and sexuality, globalism, health care, and incarceration and the justice system. The everything Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King, Jr is an American hero and icon. This book explores his life from his time spent heading the civil rights movement to his speaking out against the Vietnam War to his assassination. Preaching prophetic care : building bridges to justice : essays in honor of Dale P. Andrews 2 editions published in in English and held by 67 WorldCat member libraries worldwide. New proclamation Book 1 edition published in in English and held by 14 WorldCat member libraries worldwide. More than a few may wonder where this assertion can be seen and if, in fact, it is traceable in the practical lived experiences of both African and African American churches.

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African scholar Gwinyai H. Although various communities may have had different names for God, it does not necessarily imply that there are polytheistic practices in African religion; it is the same God whose self- revelation occurs throughout the world. Knowing the names of God and knowing biblical text gives fuel for the prayer life of the churches because it is based on praying the scriptures and using the words of the saints of the Bible. The congregants also experience prayer in other ways. In African American churches one may find that the congregants are not afraid to use their bodies in worship or in prayer, and dancing becomes a part of that as well.

Many African scholars will explain that during a religious experience in a village there is singing, chanting, and other participation by those who are present. For those who become Christian, maintaining relationships with those who have passed away is important because the next life is thought to be a basic continuation of the present life.

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Although African American churches do not believe in pleasing their deceased ancestors, there is often an underlying thought among young children that they better watch what they do and say because not only is God watching, the eyes of deceased loved ones usually grandparents are looking down from heaven on them as well. This is mainly due to the understanding of Christ as the one who intercedes on the behalf of his people. Even if the what has been perceived as ancestral worship has not translated into African American churches and rightfully so what has been translated is the communal nature of fellowship—especially as it relates to the sin of one affecting all.

There was a time where the sin of a person caused them to be ostracized from the group and a strict atonement had to be made.

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In historical African religions this was thought to be done through very strict rituals which included a blood sacrifice. An example of this can be seen in Recovering the Scandal of the Cross: Atonement in New Testament and Contemporary Context when the authors discuss an example of atonement and restoration via blood sacrifice through the biographical lens of Z. Marwa Kisare, a Mennonite priest from Tanzania. When a person caught in a heinous evil act is thrown out of the village and remains outside of the village covenant it does not matter how good a person he or she has been, a sacrifice is necessary, and it must be powerful enough to undo the evil that was done in order for the person to be accepted back into the village.

After he drinks, he stoops down and re-enters the village through a low entrance that was prepared in anticipation of his cleansing. Atonement Atonement, according to Czech scholar Victor Ber, relates the social and communal sins of the people to all others, including, but not limited, to the priests themselves.

Moreover, the identification of a sin or a wrong action is not only an individual responsibility but the responsibility of all. That does not suggest however, that each person becomes an expert in the sins of the next person, but it does suggest that the sins of the individual are linked to the well- being and life of the community. This does not suggest that church discipline is consistently carried out and done effectively—that is a different discussion. While this issue of church discipline is prevalent in all Christian churches at times the way it is handled in African American churches may remind one of how issues in a family are treated.

Often times, if a breach has become public in a church the leaders have to deal with the issue publicly—as was mentioned earlier.

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Although the members could not hear what was said the corrective action was visible, and the associate minister continued to sit with the congregation week after week during his restoration. This portion of the discipline was not done in an embarrassing manner but it was very clear what was happening.

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In African American churches, as is true for all Christian churches, the atoning work of the cross is thought to be absolutely efficacious for communities but dynamically powerful for individual lives and salvation as well; what happened on the cross of Christ is moved from an intellectual abstraction and joined with immediate lived realities. His sacrifice is viewed as the means to bring about cleansing and restoration corporately and individually.

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Rabbi Geringer and her husband live in New Jersey and are the parents of two grown children. In addition to teaching responsibilities at Iliff, Dr. Graham is a pastoral counselor and supervisor and provide consultation to organizations and congregations.

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His research interests concern theology and pastoral care, the impact of war on the pastoral care of families, ministry and human sexuality, and public pastoral theology. He has recently been working on public lamentation and memorial processes. I am married to Sheila Greeve Davaney. Together, they have four children, five grandchildren and two great grandchildren. She has 34 years of military service but her current job as a Cultural Engagement Officer, utilizes her skills as a chaplain to help educate her military colleagues to better understand Islam and the diverse Muslim cultures globally as it impacted our mission overseas.

She is a Realtor in Massachusetts since Her passion is having a world that honors the diversity of who we are as human beings and fellow travelers. She is national expert on military sexual abuse and trauma, and she and Marie Fortune of the Faith Trust Institute are working on a year-long contract with the Navy to train Navy, Marine, and Coast Guard Chaplains on pastoral care in matters related to sexual assault.

Her teaching and research has been significantly influenced by the needs of military chaplains. A USAFA chaplain read her book on pastoral care with survivors of acquaintance rape and invited her into a consulting relationship with the chaplains. Over a two-year period, her work with the Air Force Academy grew to include general cadet-centered pastoral care and problems that arise when pastoral care shifts to proselytizing. In , she testified in front of a subcommittee of the House Armed Services Committee on the problem of pastoral care and proselytizing.

She has been an educator for all of her adult life, beginning with Seventh and Eighth grades, then undergraduate Religious Studies, and finally, for the last thirty six years, at the graduate level, preparing students for ministry. Disciplinarily, she is a pastoral theologian, but her teaching area for the two dozen plus years has been Christian Spirituality and spiritual formation.

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She just completed four years as Dean of the Seminary and Vice President for Academic Affairs at San Francisco Theological Seminary Presbyterian , and is currently enjoying a sabbatical, with the goal of a book on discernment focused on systems rather than on personal discernment or discernment with small groups.